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I’ll be in Boston tomorrow for a World Congress Leadership Summit. The organizers certainly use all the right key words to describe the event; I’m kind of hoping the presenters get to wear purple robes or something to match the superlatives.

The next conference I’ll attend will be in DC. I asked Josh Seidman, president of the Center for Information Therapy, to send me his “elevator pitch” for the event:

For health care leaders committed innovative health care delivery system redesign, the 7th Annual Information Therapy (Ix) Conference, “WIxRED: Next-Generation Patient-Centered Care,” is a unique event at the spectacular new Newseum June 12-13 that will be a national dialog on the intersection of HIT and patient-centered care. Unlike the other events during National Health IT Week in DC, this conference will focus engaging consumers in the use of electronic tools and how to actually implement these Ix initiatives.

What other conferences are coming up in the e-patient universe?