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I will be heading to San Francisco this week to attend the Chronic Disease Care conference sponsored by the California HealthCare Foundation. Registration is closed but I promise to take notes on as many panels as possible. Please help me choose from the smorgasbord of topics and I’ll make you a plate.

Activating and Involving Patients: Going Beyond Lip Service vs. Spreading Improvement: After the Innovators/Early Adopters

Patient Voices: Managing Chronic Conditions: Living our Lives (luckily, a stand-alone session)

Care Transitions: Making Care Seamless for Patients vs. Sharing Medical Records with Patients: Why It Supports Better Care vs. Self Management Support: Ways to Make It Work vs. Making the Care Experience Patient Centered: Whose Time Is It? vs. Virtual Outreach Using Everyday Technology

Engaging Diverse Populations in Self Management: Beyond “Cultural Competence” vs. Turning Data into Action: Guiding Improvement Efforts vs. Addressing End of Life Care: Having Meaningful Conversations Across Cultures

My own session will take place on the second day and is titled Emerging Trends: Health 2.0: The Power of Participation. I get to moderate a discussion with Jay Parkinson, MD, of Hello Health; Amy Tenderich of DiabetesMine; and David Williams, MBA, of PatientsLikeMe. Suggestions for questions are welcome!