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Well, this ought to generate some chatter among us e-literati who’ve been trying to get noticed by the stodgies! (Or, as Pew would say, “The 74% of the 80% onliners who look for health info are 99.9% happy to see this.”)

The issue of Health Affairs that just crossed the wire includes an article by Carleen Hawn titled “Take Two Aspirin And Tweet Me In The Morning: How Twitter, Facebook, And Other Social Media Are Reshaping Health Care.” I’m not a subscriber (dagnabbit) so I can’t get at but they opened it for free access so we can read the whole thing(!), but here’s what I hear on Twitter from @BoltyBoy, the inimitable John McEnroe of healthcare, Mr. Matthew Holt:

So Health 2.0 makes it into Health Affairs and the definition used is @tedeytan’s. You know, this means war!

Of course Health 2.0 is called a “nebulous” concept. I’m reaching for the dictionary

And in reading the article I found the first mistake! American Well’s deal is with HMSA (Blues) not state of Hawaii

But overall it’s pretty good and a decent way to intro Health 2.0, or at least the physician communication part of it

Here’s the abstract:

If you want a glimpse of what health care could look like a few years from now, consider “Hello Health,” the Brooklyn-based primary care practice that is fast becoming an emblem of modern medicine. A paperless, concierge practice that eschews the limitations of insurance-based medicine, Hello Health is popular and successful, largely because of the powerful and cost-effective communication tools it employs: Web-based social media. Indeed, across the health care industry, from large hospital networks to patient support groups, new media tools like weblogs, instant messaging platforms, video chat, and social networks are reengineering the way doctors and patients interact.

Anything that quotes Jay Parkinson and Ted Eytan perks my ears up. Especially if it garners only one nit-pick from Sir Matthew. (Especially good for a writer who’s new to healthcare.)

I’ve been dyin’ for ways to get the establishment to notice what’s happening in social media. Think this’ll do any good? Discuss, please.


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