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From my wife:

I truly don’t understand why human medicine finds it is so difficult to put medical records on the computer. Veterinary medicine has had that ability at least for the last 10-15 years.

An example is the Idexx Cornerstone Veterinary Practice Management software that has easy to use programs and imports lab data directly from the company or your own in house laboratory machines.

Another example is Banfield, The Pet Hospital, who collects data from all its hospitals around the country and anonymously collates the data. Systems like this allow early detection of things like disease trends, vaccine failure and new disease processes. IMPORTANT information.

I’ve been told the VA healthcare system has had similar abilities for some time too.

We don’t even have to start from scratch on software like this for humans, just update or modify systems already created.

Signed, angry veterinarian, Virginia Rambow, DVM

Here’s what she’s talking about, from Banfield’s page on evidence-based medicine:

our centralized medical database is the most comprehensive of its kind. It allows us to electronically gather and access millions of Pet records. With this tool, our team members are able to stay informed and up-to-date in the practice of evidence based medicine. In addition, this technology enables us to conduct quality-assured, cost-effective clinical studies to facilitate the continual improvement of Pet health care.”

My goodness, and all this at the price of a veterinarian instead of a human doctor?

Now let’s hear all the vastly complex reasons why what she proposes can’t be done.


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