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I’ve been thinking a lot about where to take the discussion that’s exploded on my post about moving my data from PatientSite into Google Health. I’m hardly an IT guru, but as I said, I do work with data at my day job. And before we proceed, there’s something I think is a foundation level truth:

The I in IT stands for Information.

The purpose of putting information into a system is to read it back out.

If the information you get back out does not match what it was intended to represent, #fail (as they say in Twitter).

Let’s let that sit for a few days.

Next post in this series: Encoding information is a key part of I.T.

p.s. Separate issue: remember, we haven’t yet gotten into poking around in Google Health itself, looking for soft spots, nor have I pushed the magic button to try HealthVault. More on that later.