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Blogger John at the “EMR (EHR) and HIPAA” blog posted a musing that caused my business antennas to twitch. A vigorous discussion has started in the comments.

Here’s the thing: we’re talking about the billions of incentives we’re offering providers to adopt EMR systems, and still many docs aren’t interested, or have had horrible experiences because (according to many accounts) the systems are hard to use or simply not worth the effort.

Now, I know from business, if you offer something your intended users don’t like, guess what happens? Flopzilla.

(I say this strictly from a business perspective; I have never seen, much less touched, an EMR system.)

So here’s the question for doctors considering whether to get an EMR system:

If it were FREE would you take it?

If the answer is no, then I have a front-page WSJ prediction about how effective the stimulus incentives will be.

Please go read the comments over there.