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This item from ABC News nearly brought tears to my eyes.

The first signs that something was wrong with 11-year-old Connor Teare came when he was a toddler. His muscles were growing increasingly rigid and becoming more difficult to move.

He went from leg braces to a walker and, finally, a wheelchair by the time he was 5.”

Connor’s mother “spent months scouring the Internet for answers and, finally, came across an exceptionally rare disorder she thought might explain Connor’s condition.” Although he lacked some classic symptoms, soon Connor responded to the treatment. He’s now in school.

Annoyingly, the video on doesn’t provide “embed code” so I can’t show it here. But the article with video is here.

Charles Gibson ends with the line “Moms, do not give up.” Dads too – in fact what the hell, let’s just go nuts and say “E-patients to the fore. Patients can help.”