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If you haven’t found him yet, Bertalan Meskó is one of the best new-generation doctors making the most of social media. While he was still a med student his ScienceRoll blog won Blogger’s Choice in 2007, and last month it won Medgadget’s prestigious Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Weblog for the second year in a row. @Berci, as he’s known on Twitter, provides a glimpse of what healthcare will be like in the coming decades.

Now that he’s become an MD and is teaching, he’s taking it to the next step, inviting e-patients to talk directly to his students via YouTube. He posted an invitation on his site, and he welcomes cross-posting it here and elsewhere.  Upload to YouTube, tagged with “med20course.”  (That’s a zero after the 2.)

Here’s famed SixUntilMe diabetes blogger Kerri Sparling’s contribution. It’s got almost 800 views already.