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Ivan Oransky, executive editor of Reuters Health, provided excellent evidence yesterday regarding the need to look past abstracts of journal articles if accuracy matters to you:

His own post on Embargo Watch: “More thoughts on ASCO: How the embargo policy can lead to hype

Gary Schwitzer‘s post on the HealthNewsReview blog: “A prime example of the problem with some TV physician-‘journalists'”

Here’s an intriguing abstract that begs for further study: “Accuracy of cancer information on the Internet: A comparison of a Wiki with a professionally maintained database.”

Gilles Frydman makes two excellent points about it:

“It would be interesting to know which 10 types of cancer. Wikipedia pages in long tail are usually pretty lacking in depth.”

“PDQ exist in 2 versions: Patient & Health Prof. Abstract doesn’t say if one or both kinds compared to Wikipedia.”

Anyone out there have access to the full study? Please post what you find.