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Home » Key People » HHS posts Consumer e-Health job. Apply by 8/16.

Josh Seidman, Director of Meaningful Use, sent this. It’s for a two year full time job in DC, possibly extendable. No relocation costs will be paid – you’re on yer own. :–)

From what I hear, talking to people working in HHS these days, “full time” is an understatement. Don’t apply for this unless you want to work like a maniac for a long time. But those same people say they love it: change is happening!

Please send the message far and wide that ONC is looking for the very best consumer e-health person out there to work on the most exciting work imaginable.  Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.

The Office of Policy & Planning’s consumer e-health job posting has just gone public.

It is open for 30 days, from 7/15 – 8/16.

Please spread the word.

External Hire Posting here.  Same listing for existing govt employees here.