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I’m sure that got your attention! But that is exactly Regina’s message: We are all patients . Both collectively and individually we are the most important and the most silent stakeholder of the healthcare system.

To discuss the expanding role of the patient please join us at the Patients 2.0 session to plan the next phase of action for patients, citizens and other people passionate about improving healthcare, working both online and face to face. Regina will be there!

Of course Regina is a spectacular and obviously very special human being, amazingly multi-talented, able to create unique and powerful distributors of great wisdom, either through her art, her powerpoint presentations or her straight talks. Of course she has helped shape the national conversation about patient empowerment and individual access to one’s own health data. She is, notwithstanding her great humility, a true mover and shaker. But most importantly, we must all be listening to what she is telling us and be able to forget her genius for an instant and conclude that, in fact she is not special at all. She just said it again, in a tiny comment on Dave’s latest post about his experience becoming a professional patient:

I disagree with the comment that at some point we stop being “patients.” We are all patients, and some of us are e-. But this is the role we must all take up in points throughout our life



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