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How many times have you been at a conference, listening to some panel, when all of a sudden someone says something that snaps you out of your stupor and you think, “Who *is* that guy?” (And if you’re lucky enough to remember Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, please enjoy the following rendition of that feeling.)

That happened to me most recently at the mHealth Summit and the guy was Matt Wiggins of Remedy Systems, which has developed a prescription routing app that works with SureScripts. John Maschenic, a Verizon Wireless executive, had just made a pretty skeptical comment about the market for health apps, saying essentially (according to my notes) “look at what people pay for — music, not health.” And Matt shot back (again, according to my notes): “We’ll just keep building our company and you can read about it later in the New Yorker.” Anyone who says that is going to get Googled, right then & there.

Since there is no video of the mHealth Summit panel, I’ll provide Matt’s short presentation at Health 2.0 San Francisco (I *knew* I’d seen him somewhere before):

His app looks pretty interesting, but it’s not as intriguing (to me) as his vision for health care transformation:

There’s never been a revolution that’s happened from the outside, whether it be political or cultural, that topples the internal system. Great ideas from the outside percolate and get picked up by strategic insiders then brought to their platforms and distributed through them. That’s our model.



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