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From the editors of our society’s journal, the Journal of Participatory Medicine:

As we close out Volume 2 of JoPM, we’re pleased to look back at how the journal has grown.

  • We published a total of 23 articles in 2010.
  • We published our first two podcasts.
  • In mid-September, we moved to a new publishing platform and began tracking our readership.
  • In the 3½ months since then, JoPM has attracted 15,071 pageviews and 4,232 unique visitors.

And what would a year-end roundup be without a Top 10 list? Here is JoPM’s Top 10 Content for Fall, based on pageviews:

  1. Lovell et al, Physician Communication: Barriers to Achieving Shared Understanding and Shared Decision Making with Patients (Research, Oct. 13)
  2. Jutel, Self-Diagnosis: A Discursive Systematic Review of the Medical Literature (Research, Sept. 15)
  3. O’Grady & Jadad, Shifting from Shared to Collaborative Decision Making: A Change in Thinking and Doing (Case study, Nov. 8th)
  4. Frost, Innovations in Participatory Medicine: The Advent of Do-It-Yourself Blood Glucose Monitoring (Column, Sept. 14)
  5. Feder, Judy Feder: Narrative of a Breast Cancer e-Patient (Narrative, Oct. 1)
  6. Frishauf et al, Participatory Medicine: Opportunities and Threats (Commentary/Podcast, Aug. 9)
  7. Storni, Report on the ‘Reassembling Health Workshop: Exploring the Role of the Internet of Things’ (Conference Report, Sept. 29)
  8. Zitter, Improving the Process of Medical Decision Making: An Example from Palliative Care (Narrative, June 28)
  9. Gruman, Evidence That Engagement Does Make a Difference (Commentary, Dec. 22)
  10. Frost, ‘Innovations in Participatory Medicine’: A Call for Submissions (Column, Sept. 13)

The editors of JoPM would like to thank all of the authors and readers who’ve supported the journal’s mission of transforming the culture of medicine to be more participatory. Best wishes for 2011!

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