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From Kathleen O’Malley, managing editor of The Journal of Participatory Medicine:

We’ve got some good intellectual exchanges going on at The Journal of Participatory Medicine. The three latest Commentaries we posted have garnered several worthwhile comments attached to the articles themselves. Three of those were pithy enough to warrant publication as Letters to the Editor. We posted one on New Year’s and will post two more this week (one today, one later this week).


We’ve approved a Narrative, entitled “Armchair Advocacy for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: A Patient’s Perspective.” It’s a young woman’s story of how she evolved into an e-patient while coping with her chronic condition. I’m going to put that one up Wednesday. We also just received another Commentary that grew out of the SPM Members listserv. That one is a physician’s view on doctor-patient communication entitled, “One Size Doesn’t Fit All.” It will be published Friday.