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Update 1/29: in a comment, Gilles Frydman pointed out that Newsweek’s Sharon Begley wrote this article almost two months before the New Yorker piece appeared – and the editors held the article, apparently due to pressure from a pharma advertiser whose product is cited in the article. Here’s a substantially revised version of this post.

Newsweek has picked up the tune The New York Observer says Newsweek’s editors delayed its publication until now, but Newsweek’s Sharon Begley wrote an important article two months ago, Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine is Wrong, about the same issues we too have been discussing about the scientific method.

How annoying is it that this important subject was held up, apparently for advertising reasons? Could this article’s history be an example of the title, “Why almost everything you hear about medicine is wrong”?

On a related note, see the ongoing comments on our Tips for Understanding Studies (Health News Review).

By the way, Newsweek elected not to cite the great New Yorker essay that got us going here. (The New Yorker piece is far deeper than Newsweek‘s.)


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