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PatientsLikeMe opened up to every condition today.

From their press release:

Today, PatientsLikeMe ( announces the expansion of its platform and invites patients with any condition to join. The five-year-old free online health data-sharing website was previously only available to patients with 22 chronic conditions (including ALS, Parkinson’s disease, HIV, depression, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and organ transplants). In February, the company closed to new members and allowed its 100,000 members to test out its new design and upgraded functionalities, such as adding multiple conditions (or co-morbidities) to their health profiles and measuring their mental, social and physical well-being (or quality of life).

Click on the site and see what you think. Let’s talk about what this could mean — upsides, downsides, praise, critiques. Open thread below.


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