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I’m writing an article and would love to tap into this community’s knowledge.

I know of a few examples of clinical practices using Facebook and Twitter to connect with patients, such as MacArthur OB/GYN, but I’d love to learn about other examples, especially ones which use social networking tools to connect patients and caregivers with each other.

Also, I know of patient-led groups which are powerful resources for their members, such as and the many groups affiliated with the National Organization for Rare Disorders, but again, I’d love to learn about some new examples, especially ones which are organized around common conditions like asthma or high blood pressure and (bonus points) have bridged the gap to include connections with clinicians.

Finally, when I think of behavior change writ large (ie, population-level) I think of organizations like Weight Watchers and Alchoholics Anonymous. Are there any other health groups that come close to those two in terms of scale and notoriety? MedHelp claims 12 million monthly visitors, for example. Does anyone else have those numbers?

Comments, please!


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