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I admit it: I’m not a gamer. But I am competitive. Plus I love micro-fitness challenges and I’ve read (and believe the lessons of) The Decision Tree.

So when Jen McCabe described Health Month, I was intrigued. It’s a game in which you choose the rules for behavior change — from their list or of your own making. You can choose to be social — or keep quiet. And after a month you’ve formed a new habit — or cut bait.

I jumped in for June, choosing 3 rules that would help me with a few “do more” goals: run, stretch, and eat greens.

The first inkVow of Heroismling that I might like this experience was the pledge, which reminded me of the Vow of Heroism that you have to recite when you buy an item at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Here’s the Health Month version:

I have chosen these rules in the hopes that I might slowly begin to live a healthier life, and enjoy the process.

If I succeed at following these rules for a full month without running out of life points (I will start with 10 and lose 1 every time I break a rule), I understand that my name will be added to the Wall of Awesomeness. But if I run out of life points, I also accept that my name will be added to the Wall of Almost-But-Not-Quite Awesome.

“Well, I’m TOTALLY going to be on the Wall of Awesomeness,” I said to myself. “Nobody puts baby in a corner.”

I found myself checking in every day, feeling a little rush of satisfaction when I punched in the miles for each run since I was really pushing myself on that rule. My family got used to me talking about my Health Month check-ins, just as they got used to the oven timer being used for my #getupandmove challenges (for months last year my little one thought that every “ding!” meant I was doing push ups).

So how’d I do?

The whimsical prompts and encouragements worked for me, but I was a little shy about joining a team or being active on the Game Wall. I went running, even when I didn’t feel like it, because I wanted to meet my goal. I also made time to stretch, which felt great. And I’ve never eaten so much spinach in my salads as I have this month.

In the end, I met all my goals for two of the weeks and nearly all for the other two. I’m really proud of how I did and that’s driving me forward to take on new goals. I think my name is on the Wall of Awesomeness, but to be honest, I don’t have time to search for it. And as competitive as I am, I was cut to the quick when I missed my running goal by just 2 miles last week. The verdict: “That was an indulgence.” Ouch. And um, no. Eating an entire baguette slathered in Nutella is an indulgence.

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