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Not really, but check out this new campaign by the Puget Sound Health Alliance aimed at getting the employees of their purchaser members (businesses and labor union trusts) to make better use of primary care.  These videos* will make you chuckle / guffaw / giggle even if you aren’t part of the target audience, and the point of each one is unmistakable – and memorable.

John Gallagher, Director of Communication and Development at the Alliance, told me, “Since the starting point is a primary care doctor (and one of our goals is to strengthen primary care practice in our region), it made sense to begin with four topics:

The Alliance will start rolling out the videos in the fall via e-mail blast to successive groups of employees.  They will also be used at “lunch and learn” sessions for those whose jobs don’t involve sitting a computer.

I really appreciate this campaign’s focus on how to make good use of primary care in general, in contrast to the endless cascade of information we get about specific symptoms, diseases and health behavior.  Each video sends a broad, important message that, while developed for Alliance members, is relevant to the public.

If you are one of the few who are not on vacation, but are working hard during these late August days, give yourself a little treat and take a look.  And pass them on.

*  Developed with support from  the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


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