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I just published a quick take on who doesn’t gather health information online, including the stark finding that three-quarters of U.S. adults who have less than a high school education say they do not get health information online.

One survey question I cited dates back to 2002, but I think it is still interesting. Here’s the text of the question:

Earlier, you have said that you have not used the internet to search for health or medical information. Thinking about the reasons you do not go online for such information, is it because…

much of the information on the internet cannot be trusted?

there are not any health or medical issues that concern you right now?

you are satisfied with the health and medical information you get elsewhere?

you would not know where to start looking for such information online?

The results can be found in the 2003 report, Internet Health Resources, under the heading: Why some internet users have not searched for health information.

How would you update that question? Are there other reasons we should list as options if we put it into the field again?




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