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Followers of our “gimme my data” series will get a rough-edged refresher about current reality by the well-written and raw story of @WilliamDale_MD’s Sunday post Medical Health Record: A Personal Journey Down the Rabbit Hole. A great narrative by a physician who simply needed vaccination records for his son’s school – and who refused to use his position to blast past his own hospital’s bureaucracy:

The worst part was THIS WAS MY OWN HOSPITAL where I had worked for the past 8 years, the last 3 as a section chief. I never ask for special treatment, and I was not going to get any special treatment — which meant I was going wrestle with The System like anyone else.

He also provides a great learned analysis of the problems he encountered, separating “system issues” from “people issues.”

Funny how his mood seems to match what was said of medical mural activist Regina Holliday, whose husband Fred’s hospital called her “Little Miss Type A personality” in a similar situation. Except Fred was dying.

Give us our damned data. Dammit!

Thanks to @tbtam’s @GrandRounds “Twitter edition” this week. A highly skimmable new format for medblogger Grand Rounds!



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