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This week in ScienceRoll, Dr. Bertalan Meskó blogs about several links that the e-patient community will find interesting:

    IBM Clinical Genomics Helps with Clinical Decision Making

    Haifa, Israel has developed a new clinical decision support tool that correlates a patients’ unique disease profile against various clinical guidelines and a wide range of previously acquired clinical data from a multitude of patients. The tool, called Clinical Genomics (Cli-G), is designed to provide clinicians with actionable results that outline how to address individual patients’ conditions.

    Driven by Data, Symcat Studies Your Symptoms

    Symcat is a versatile and also very powerful tech solution that combines aggregated data from patient health records with user symptoms and demographics to inform diagnoses.

  • Doctor Uses Wiki To Empower Patients And Help Them To Develop Asthma Action Plans

    His research has found that a wiki — a website developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content — can be an innovative new tool for developing individual asthma action plans.

  • A medBoard is an online advisory board for pharmaceutical companies to easily get expert advice. Advice that helps develop better medicines and shape commercial strategy.
  • Virtual patient will improve doctor’s decisions on treatment

    Researchers at the Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Modelling (INSIGNEO) in Sheffield are developing digital models of different parts of the human body that will ultimately build into a complete digital replica of a patient.

  • ERadvisor

    ER Advisor was created by an epidemiologist (Mike Hartmann, BSc, MPH) and a web developer who wanted to help ease the burden on hospitals. Too many people go to the ER when the medical attention they need can be provided elsewhere. We consulted with nurses, doctors and other epidemiologists to come up with an idea: get people to enter their symptoms online and we can suggest whether it is an emergency or not.


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