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Here’s a video that had me at hello — it leads with data, then follows with insights from people I admire:

If you’re intrigued, look for other posts about women in healthcare on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #xxinhealth.

And for more wisdom from women in healthcare, check out:

Wendy Sue Swanson

Eve Harris

Denise M. Brown

Laura O’Grady

Marya Zilberberg

Note: these are just 5 of many, many women I admire and who happen to be awesome on Twitter. Who would you add to this list? Who do you wish used Twitter – or did so more often? (Maybe we can convince them to start!)

I’ll close by saying that while I have cited moms as examples of social health superheroes, I’ve got data and stories about dads, too. The story that’s sticking with me right now was written by a man and shared this morning by jr schmitt: “My Son is Passing Away…Tomorrow.”




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