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Check this trailer for a new program, to be launched in January, produced by WNED, the PBS affiliate in Buffalo:

One of the challenges of starting a movement like this, especially a Society with little budget, is that you have to bootstrap, like any modern business: you take what you have, make something of it, make something of that, and build from there – always always listening for what others find valuable.

SPM member Regina Holliday’s magnificent “cinderblocks” conference Partnership with Patients¬†was one superb example. Another is that as many of us have gone about our business, we’ve spread the word as we are able.

A lot of people we talk to are “getting it” – and sometimes that turns out to be someone with reach. And boy do I have news.

In my own work with health communities, one of my favorite clients has been the P2 Collaborative of Western New York, one of the communities in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s great Aligning Forces for Quality program. To complete a multi-year public education series “My Health Counts” produced by WNED, they decided to devote an entire episode to e-patients.

Watch and enjoy. I’m thrilled – they picked up our entire definition of participatory medicine and e-patients.

Go tell your mom – what you’ve been talking about is becoming famous! The full show will air in January, I’m told. Stay tuned for more information.

yEs!! With a capital E.


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