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As you see in Sarah Krug’s letter above, HIMSS and S4PM entered into a collaboration. I sit (with Ileana Balcu) on HIMSS’ eConnecting with Consumers Committee where we advocated for this partnership. Everyone on the Committee could be a member of S4PM, as they live and breathe our mission in their work and advocacy: Catalyzing collaborative partnerships across the continuum of care to optimize health and health care. Part of the agreement with HIMSS is to “Work collaboratively on co-branded webinars around the topic of eConnecting with Consumers.”

So, help us out. We are overwhelmed with possibilities. Our preliminary thoughts include: use the moderated panel approach with a small number of panelists from S4PM and eConnecting with Consumers Committee with a brief (3 min intro of the Committee and S4PM), brief intro of panelists (less than 5 minutes each), then 1-3 questions for the panelists to respond to. The questions should lay the groundwork for future and more interactive sessions. The webinars will be archived. The devil is in the questions. What do you think of the framework? Who do you recommend as panelists? What should the first questions be for discussion?


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