Search all of the Society for Participatory Medicine website:Search's siteThis morning on Facebook, an SPM member (who were you??) pointed out that it was seven years ago today that “Doc Tom” Ferguson, the visionary who foresaw the e-patient movement, passed away unexpectedly while being treated for multiple myeloma.

Click the image (or this) to visit his site for more information, and just to say hi. This blog was a new project of his; his final post here was, not surprisingly, Voice of the Patient, two weeks before his death. He was working on the e-patient white paper, and his colleagues (listed in the gray sidebar on his site) finished it in the coming year. Today it’s the cornerstone of our movement.

I wish I’d met him, but what we do here illustrates that the work you do can live beyond you. So, I say: spend your time wisely. Expand what’s possible for humanity.

And when you’re over on his site, wave for us all. :-)



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