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Screen grab of ONC consumer kickoff website

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Monday Sept. 16 is the 2013 Consumer Health IT Summit. That means we, the patients, are the focus – we and our data, of course! – along with the providers (doctors, nurses, practices, hospitals) who serve us.

You can watch live, online, without prior registration. But you need Adobe Flash Player so be sure you have it (this page) then come watch live!

9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EDT
Monday, Sept. 16, 2013

Read more about the event on its site.

Note: this time it’s not just us data geeks (and our leaders like Todd Park and Farzad Mostashari) – this time the Office for Civil Rights is involved – all the way up to Leon Rodriguez, the director of OCR. Why? Because – did you know this? – it’s a Federal civil rights violation for a provider to deny us our health data!

I personally have used that fact in a conversation with a provider who said I couldn’t have my data. It worked wonders.:-)  (See “You can ask to see or get a copy of your medical record & other health information” on my personal site.)

Twitter participation:

Apparently two different hashtags will be used. (That’s generally not a great idea but here we are.)  They are #BlueButton and #NHITweek. (The latter is according to Sherry Reynolds in the first comment below.)  Here’s a Twitterfall link to watch both links simultaneously.

The event’s focus this year is “Accelerating the Blue Button Movement”

As regular readers know, Blue Button is a combination of philosophy and technologies that boil down to this: Give us our data! Blue Button has changed a lot in the past year or two – there’s lots to learn about what’s new and what it means for your ability to engage in your care – participatory medicine.

Several SPM members will be there and even involved with the event.

  1. Matthew Holt of Health 2.0 is leading an unconference in the afternoon
  2. Lygeia Ricciardi, head “Consumerista” at ONC, is in charge of the whole event
  3. Sherry Reynolds (@Cascadia) leads the provider side, corresponding to Lygeia on the consumer side
  4. Catherine Rose, who placed second in the Blue Button Developer Challenge
  5. I’ll be giving the opening talk (15 minutes)
  6. Ryan Witt
  7. Casey Quinlan
  8. Adrian Gropper
  9. Mary Anne Sterling
  10. Keith Boone, author of the e-Patient Rap
  11. SPM President-Elect Josh Seidman!
    ____Also there, unexpectedly:____________
  12. Dr. Danny Sands (SPM co-founder and co-chair)
  13. Regina Holliday
  14. AJ Chen
  15. Donna Cryer
  16. Phil Deering
  17. Mary Griskiewicz
  18. Ross Martin
  19. Sue Woods
  20. Lisa Raileanu

I know there were more but I’m horrible at remembering names – if you were there, email me dave at

As Sherry points out in her comment below, there will be numerous breakout sessions (special interest groups) in the afternoon. See the event’s side (above) for details.

I’ll update this with more information as it arrives, but for now, spread the word and get ready to watch!


Please consider supporting the Society by joining us today! Thank you.