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A press release published Tuesday begins:

Sharecare and Blue Button Host Twitter Chat to Help Consumers Take Control of Their Personal Health Information

Gaining control of your health and your personal health information is more than just a convenience – it’s your legal right. But most people don’t know where to start. In an effort to educate the American public about how they can access their health records easily and securely, Sharecare, the online health and wellness engagement platform created by Dr. Oz and WebMD founder Jeff Arnold, is hosting a Twitter chat on Thursday, June 5 at 12pm ET. …

Sharecare tweetchat site screen captureIn February I posted video of a talk I gave last summer in New York at the Blue Button Developer Conference, passionately appealing to developers to join in to achieve what US Chief Technology Officer Todd Park has for years been calling “Data liberación” – setting data free so that we, the citizens, can benefit from it. When Todd first said it he was talking about data in government “data warehouses”; Blue Button is different: it’s about our data – mine, yours, your family’s – as individuals.

Now, to promote citizen awareness of this new and evolving method of getting our data, Sharecare is hosting this Twitter chat on Thursday. See the event’s web page for more information. Astute readers will notice that I’m among the listed experts.

e-patients Alicia Staley @Stales and @TiffanyAndLupus Tiffany Peterson will be among the “invited experts,” and I’ll be live in the third hour, when the topic will be “what’s the future of health and healthcare supported by Blue Button?” Boy do I have thoughts on that. (As a result, I now have an expert page on

And of course as with everything on Twitter, the archive will be available afterward.


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