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JoPM logoWe don’t tell you often enough here of new pieces in JoPM, our Journal of Participatory Medicine. Of course you can subscribe to the journal on their site, but I hope to specifically point things out here. (See also our past posts in the JoPM category.) Here are two recent ones:

  • Book Review: A Cure for Asthma? What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You — And Why (June 26), by Shahank Kraleti MD and Diane Jarrett EdD (U of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock), on the decades of work by David Hahn, MD to get medicine to listen to the results he’s had in curing asthma in many patients, through antibiotics. It’s not a miracle cure of course; he asks medicine to listen, test his ideas, do more research. My view: e-patient families should certainly know about this option.

Two other posts are forthcoming this week about specific, important items in JoPM. Again, you can subscribe on the right side of the JoPM site, so you’ll get notified promptly of all new releases, even if we’re late in our reporting here.