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Screen capture of article headlineToday in our Society’s journal, SPM co-founders Joe and Terry Graedon of posted something I couldn’t agree with more:

e-Patients Never Retire

That’s kinda by definition, eh? But there’s an uppity Sixties edge to this, and with this too I couldn’t agree more.. Excerpt:

Older patients have something to tell their health care providers: look at me; listen to me; and speak with me rather than to the person who may have come with me to the visit. Gray hair doesn’t signal senility.

What’s your experience been? Have you met up with doctors, nurses and office staff who could use a wake-up smack on the side of the head?

Of course I recommend first saying courteously how you’d like to be treated: be self-aware and be empowered: speak up and say how you’d like to be treated. And physicians and staff, realize: a generation ago 80 may have often seemed “feeble,” but not so much, anymore.

The times, they are a-changin’!



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