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Screen capture of emergency slide postSusannah Fox, long one of our most popular and prolific bloggers, is roaming to wider audiences these days. She’s entrepreneur-in-residence at Robert Wood Johnson, she has her own site, and she’s just started writing on the hip-hip site

We’ve long said that there’s nothing unique about being an engaged, empowered patient (e-patient): it’s a logical extension of just being alert and responsible for yourself. (That goes all the way back to our progenitor “Doc Tom” Ferguson being medical editor of the Whole Earth Catalog in the 1980s.

Well, Susannah’s finally found time to illustrate this big-time by posting about the time in 2011 at Dulles International Airport when, just after leaving the gate, the captain came on the intercom and calmly said they needed to evacuate. Down the slides. Because an engine was emitting smoke.

What happened will be a credible warning to any air traveler – and also to people who’ve had a rude awakening in a healthcare setting, where they discovered the need to keep their eyes open, keep their mind sharp, and think for themselves. Please go read it, and see if you can list (there or here) the lessons for e-patients.


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