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Superpatient flyer screen capture

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Cross-posted from my own site. This is about a free, non-commercial event that’s intended to be a radical exploration of a new way to discuss participatory thinking with people who don’t live in health policy circles – ordinary citizens!

For years I’ve been saying that this movement won’t really be creating change until it gets out of the conference world and reaches Main Street. (Often I say we won’t really be getting there until the people you meet at the grocery story know what we’re talking about.)

So you can imagine how thrilled I am that Brown University in Providence, R.I. is supporting a first-of-its-kind grass roots event next Monday night, attached to a session I’m teaching the next day for one of their courses.

We’re playing with the idea of tying this to “how superheros got their superpowers” – the so-called “origin story,” like Peter Parker and his radioactive spider – to help people see that they may be capable of more than they realized. And in that context, we realized we have three different types of “superpatients”, who will present:

  • Acute care, like my kidney cancer – it came up suddenly (and now it’s over)
  • Chronic care – people who manage a chronic condition, like famous diabetes blogger Kerri Sparling (@SixUntilMe)
  • Crisis care – patients or caregivers who step up in a crisis and do everything they can to help, exemplified here by Pat Mastors (@PMastors).

These cases are all very different but they have a common thread: when patients get activated they can make a huge difference.

This event all came together very quickly, so I apologize for the last minute nature of this notice. If you can come, that’ll be great. In any case, feel free to download this PDF or just send people this link.

If this gets great reviews, I hope to do more. If it doesn’t, we’ll fix it. Because from now on it’s “game on” – let the change take root!

The course where I’m speaking is Brown’s Executive Master in Healthcare Leadership program – a year-long course for mid-career executives. Tuesday is their final session of the course. Thank you to Angela Sherwin and Judith Bentkover for their vision, and to Brown’s program for helping make this happen!


Please consider supporting the Society by joining us today! Thank you.