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HDC logoThe Health Data Consortium, the folks who bring Health Datapalooza to life in DC every year, have increased the input of the Consumer Circle ahead of this year’s event, which is on the calendar for May 29 thru June 3 at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington DC.

As part of that commitment to increasing the consumer/patient voice in the ongoing health data policy discussion, HDC is offering a webinar on Wednesday, January 21, 1pm-2pm Eastern Time, titled Patient Generated Health Data: An Overview.

The webinar panelists are:

  • Mandi Bishop, Health Plan Analytics Innovation Practice Lead, Dell (health data super-geek who’s been working on interop her entire career)
  • Greg Meyer, Principal Architect, Cerner Corporation (data system architect with his heart, and his thinking, focused on better data access for patients)
  • Dr. Danny Sands, Chief Medical Officer, Conversa Health (one of the founders of SPM, and a constant voice for “gimme my damn data”)
  • Scott Strange, Diabetes Advocate (SPM member and MedX ePatient Scholar who’s a widely read ‘betes blogger)

Here’s the overview of what’s on tap:

The information patients and their family caregivers provide about their preferences, values, and abilities – in addition to data generated from wearable or monitoring devices – complements clinical information generated by care teams to provide a comprehensive, person-centered view of an individual’s health. Use of both clinical and patient generated data is a more effective approach for engaging patients and their caregivers, ensuring that care results in better outcomes, and decreasing costs associated with unnecessary readmissions and difficulties with adherence. Learn more about Patient Generated Health Data, when and how to collect it, and how to share it at this webinar organized by the Health Data Consortium’s Consumers’ Circle.

Register to attend the webinar by clicking this link – if you can’t join live, registering for it will give you access to the recording post-event.


Please consider supporting the Society by joining us today! Thank you.