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This came over my transom from a friend who works with a major medical school’s digital publishing group. Seems both relevant, and high impact. – Casey 

Seasons Change

by Candace Barnes


When I left for the hospital

The night was bitter cold,

And snow lay on the ground.

I know of weather what I’m told;

There is no weather here.


My stay is longer than expected

And day folds into day.

Time passes slowly, hour by hour,

Less real the longer I stay.

But still the time marches on.


Coming home from the hospital,

The chill was gone from the air.

The snow has melted all away;

The yard is dotted with crocus here and there

And daffodils push through the ground.


While I was ill the seasons changed.

I left in dead winter, came home in early spring.

Just as the seasons chase one another,

My illness waxes and wanes.

If I am patient, spring changes come again.

Candace Barnes has been writing poetry since she was a child, finding solace in putting her private struggles into poetry. Barnes is the author of two books, one of which, Journey from Darkness, is an anthology of her poetry. She has lived in northern New Jersey for over 40 years, and has been diagnosed with chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction for 12 years. She is TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) reliant for the past five years, and enjoys reading and writing and getting out with her friends when she can.