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Screen capture of the speaker's pictures

Slide of the speakers. To watch the replay, click the video below.

Yesterday super-e-patients Regina Holliday, Michael Seres and I spoke on a webcast titled “End-to-End Patient Engagement that Drives Loyalty and Outcomes,” hosted by Liz Boehm of’s @EINHealth Experience Innovation Network.

Frankly, we autonomous e-patients didn’t talk much about “driving loyalty and outcomes” – to us that’s self-evident. Instead we laid out our highly empowered views of what engagement is to us, and how and why healthcare so often doesn’t get it.

Fittingly, Liz set the stage by quoting famous e-patient Hugo Campos: “I don’t want to engage with the health system. I want to engage with life.”

Interestingly, we three speakers never got together to compare notes before the call – this all came out unscripted and unrehearsed. That’s why it’s such a great composite. And Vocera says audience feedback has been terrific. (Examples are pasted in below the video.)

Part of me wants to write a big post about what a great vision this turned out to be, but the video speaks for itself. I had slides, the other didn’t. Watch and/or listen.

Audience feedback

Liz reports that the audience rating was 8.7 out of 10. (If you’ve ever been evaluated for a talk, you know that’s great.) Specific comments:

“This meeting was great. I came in a little late but was able to ask a question that is very important and got some great insight perspective from panel that I will take into consideration and share at our next patient and family advisory team meeting.”

“Loved the discussion on PFAC and that was great advice provided that I will take away.”

“Excellent. Very empowering and motivating.”

“Excellent speakers!”

“EXCELLENT! The speakers were inspiring!”

“I like the emerging new definition … one of the challenges is helping our senior operational leaders get engaged. ”

“I liked so many comments that were made by your speakers – very grounding!!!”

“Health care workers need to see/hear more of this. I am in a CPCi clinic and we are the ones saying we are putting the patient in control of their outcomes/goals, but I do not think most of the providers are engaged in this for a variety of reasons…”

“Really enjoyed the meeting. and it opened my mind to patient engagement.”

“Good examples. Just need to get to masses, caregivers. Medical Students, a great idea. and add to ALL clinical schools. Nursing , Imaging, Dietary, EVS, etc”

Well! I couldn’t agree more. How might we make this video available to every class training anyone in healthcare? Oh wait, it is available. Share freely.


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