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Health2con patient finalists (click to read nominee profiles)

Click to go read the profiles of the ten nominees; to vote, see the text of this blog post

In July we invited you to vote on a large group of patient activists, to select finalists in Health 2.0 conference’s tenth annual conference:

Health 2.0: first conference to offer Patient Activist awards. Vote!

What a gathering this will be: travel expenses for the TWENTY FINALISTS are being paid by the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation – an unprecedented move, as far as I know – real recognition of the authentic value of patient voices.

gordon-betty-moore-foundation-logoThe conference starts Sunday, so voting on the ten finalists is nearing its end.  Please go here to read about the finalists (some of whom are completely new names, to me), then go to the SurveyMonkey ballot and vote!






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