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Peter Elias MD viewing medical record with patient

The image above is from the blog post described below.

SPM board member-at-large Peter Elias MD is a recently retired family physician who says he’s always practiced participatory medicine, long before he knew it had a name. He’s contributing a terrific amount of his supposedly “spare” time to SPM, both as board member and as a driving force behind implementation and management of our “SPM Connect” community platform. A long-time social movements thinker, he’s always looking at the underlying principles and forces that make things the way they are (or could lead us to change). Today he wrote me this short email, which merits posting in its entirety.

Subject: Have you seen the stuff Jarche writes?


Harold Jarche blogs and lectures about management, learning, the nature of work and related topics. I enjoyed and learned from his stuff back when I was running a practice and doing administrative work for my hospital, and I still follow his blog.


His post from today, while not specifically about participatory medicine, involves concepts like autonomy, transparency, trust, relationships. I think his stuff overlaps with what we do in some interesting ways.
It’s a short post with three intriguing illustrations, one of which is the “featured image” at top of this post.
What do you think?


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