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For years many have argued that it’s wrong for research that’s funded by the government (i.e. taxpayers) to be hidden from the people who paid for it (taxpayers) by hiding the results behind paywalls. This tradition not only makes it harder for taxpayers to share in the benefits of  what we paid for, it makes it harder for as all to examine, frankly, how good the research was. In other words, what did we get for our money??

For e-patients this is a special challenge, because sometimes our families’ lives depend on what came out of that research. In SPM’s view it’s just plain wrong for publicly funded science to not be broadcast.

At last TED joins the call for data liberación, in this talk from TEDxMileHighWomen. Though it was a TEDx (not a full event), it’s this week’s featured TED of the Week!



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