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Thanks to support from SPM Travel Fund I attended Regina Holliday’s Cinderblocks Conference in Grantsville, MD. Still pound-for-pound the best conference going. Several days of local and national presentations about health, public health, and advocacy.  Small, good for me, not necessarily for Regina. Twenty-five people. I found it rejuvenating and inspiring. Heard from Amy Edgar @profamye, Casey Quinlan @mightycasey, Mary Anne Sterling @SterlingHIT, Kistein Monkhouse @patientorator, Robb Fulks @TheInedibleF,  Janice Lynch Schuster  @jlschuster827, Josh Rubin, Ileana Balcu @yogileana, Mark Johnson @wmdmark, Colin Hung @colin_hung, Mike Mittleman, and many more. The best was Grantsville itself. A vibrant community – we don’t all like each other, but we’re in it together – committed to best health for all citizens. Mostly people I’ve collaborated with before and will certainly collaborate with again. Thank you, Regina and SPM. Next year, third weekend in July. Kistein’s videos of Cinderblocks


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