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Email subscribers, I’m not sure the video below will come through to you – if it doesn’t, click the headline to come see it online.

Last week at the sixth annual “Better Health” conference created by CT Partners for Health, SPM chair Dr. Danny Sands and I gave the fourth performance of our lecture on participatory medicine, using role plays of two of my appointments with him, one before the diagnosis and one after. We role play how it would have gone with the old, paternal model, then discuss it (“Can we talk about that?”), then role play it the way Dr. Sands and I actually did it. At the end we illustrate “doctor-patient” harmony by singing a duet, “SPM, Dude!” to the tune of “I got you, babe.” :-)

Click to watch the video on Pat’s LinkedIn post

WTNH’s “CT Style” produced a great 2½ minute segment about the conference, devoting half of it to our SPM talk. Link to the video is above.

SPM member Pat Rioux was there, and captured almost all of the duet on her phone, and posted it on LinkedIn. Thank you, Pat! Here are the lyrics.

SPM, Dude!
Lyrics by, and inspired by, Ross Martin MD, FACMIMIMI and Amber Soucy, BSN and the patient-clinician team of e-Patient Dave & Dr. Danny Sands

Some say the doc should take the lead
But that’s not the kind of doc I need
I guess for some that was a dream
But now we work much better as a team … Dave
I get you Dave
I get you Dave

They said we’ll have no time to chat
I need to finish in six minutes flat
But we have so many tools to share
my data flows to optimize my care … Doc
I get you, Doc
I get you, Doc

I’ve got answers, when you seek
And you know, that I’m unique
And when it gets bad, or if you should fall…
Or if I need help, you’re always on call

Don’t let them say you bother me
I learned these skills to help your family
I’ll auscultate your heart and lungs

This partnership is the sweetest song I’ve sung
[Both] SPM Dude
SPM Dude
[vamp for 2 measures]

I got you to type with me
I got you to Skype with me
I got you on OpenNotes
Telehealth when we’re remote! 
I got you for Web advice
Try these sites! I think they’re nice!
You’re the best doc I’ve found anywhere
[Both] Let’s transform the culture of care!
[Vamp 2 measures]
SPM, dude
Repeat to end


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