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Join us in Boston, Thursday afternoon, October 20.

Oct 20 update: Here is the updated Zoom link.

The Society for Participatory Medicine believes that the culture of healthcare is not benefiting everyone equally and needs to change. And healthcare won’t get better until healthcare culture gets better. We want to drive this change by enabling collaboration, education, information sharing, and communication among patients, caregivers, and health care professionals. Join the movement!

This half-day Creative Learning Exchange (12:00-4:00 ET), in-person (in Boston’s financial district) and online, will be highly interactive and participatory. Inspiring speakers will set the stage for “Neighbors-at-Each-Table” facilitated discussion and brainstorming.

These discussions will focus on practicing the Participatory Medicine Manifesto behaviors in culturally and racially diverse communities to enable access and equity in care. Your ideas, insights and solutions that emerge will be curated by SPM to build a toolkit of participatory medicine guidelines. These will be shared with you and through SPM’s social networks, website and this blog.

The Manifesto

Our Participatory Medicine Manifesto defines what patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals need to do to change the dynamics and culture of health care. It encompasses these five domains of a great participatory relationship in healthcare:

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When these behaviors and values are put into practice in culturally and racially diverse communities it will bring personal and community action and change. The Community Health Access and Equity Creative Learning Exchange will address how the practice and promotion of participatory medicine by all stakeholders can help break down some of the unique barriers to care in diverse communities.


  • Dr. Danny Sands, Co-founder of SPM and Chief Advocacy Officer
  • Event co-lead Astra Titus works to transform local government, organizational, and community stakeholders into places of learning, connection and belonging.
  • Co-lead Kistein Monkhouse is a 2022 Aspen Ideas Health Fellow and founder of Patient Orator, giving chronic patients a powerful voice with their clinicians.

Again, the registration link is here. This is important work – we hope you’ll join us.

We’re honored to have such high-profile sponsors supporting the day:

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Thank you to our primary sponsor NRC Health.

For more than 40 years, NRC Health has led the charge to personalize healthcare and support organizations in their understanding of each unique individual. NRC Health’s commitment to Human Understanding™ helps leading healthcare systems get to know each person they serve not as point-in-time insights, but as an ongoing relationship. Guided by its uniquely empathic heritage, NRC Health’s patient-focused approach, unmatched market research, and emphasis on consumer preferences are transforming the healthcare experience, creating strong outcomes for patients and entire healthcare systems.

Thank you to Brown Advisory for providing the venue and AV for this event.

Thank you to Massachusetts General Hospital Equity and Community Health for sponsoring the meal.



Please consider supporting the Society by joining us today! Thank you.