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We (the people on our banner graphic) are at the annual retreat – which, this year, is the board meeting of the Society for Participatory Medicine.  Whether or not you’re a member yet (join here), we want to know: what do YOU want the Society to do?

Our first year was semi-focused – we published a GREAT batch of initial essays in the Journal of Participatory Medicine, but we haven’t done nearly the amount of work we’ll do in 2010. (Some of you have been banging down our doors trying to get things started; now’s the time.)

Here’s the purpose we drafted today:

To accelerate change in the culture of healthcare to a more participatory model, through leadership, advocacy, information and tools.

That’s why we’re here. Whether or not you’re a member yet, what outcomes do you want? What result do you want us to create in the world, that’s worth joining for?


Please consider supporting the Society by joining us today! Thank you.