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We’ve updated this blog’s design template so it’s more clearly a member of the SPM family.

Specifically, we’re now using a color-modified version of our Journal of Participatory Medicine‘s template, which is a lot slicker and more modern than this blog’s previous template, which we’ve used since 2008.

(A note for branding geeks: at first, as this blog’s manager and as a marketing / branding guy myself, I was hesitant to change our blog’s well established identity. But in recent months SPM has earned a strong reputation, and it’s now clear to me that this move will fortify both JoPM and the blog.)

At some later point will have a similar makeover. The unified identity was the original design plan, managed in 2009 by JoPM’s then-managing-editor Sarah Greene, now editor-in-chief at The Scientist in London.

Enjoy! And thanks to Society e-host John Grohol for his work in implementing this, and others on the journal and blog team who helped.



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