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Fellow S4PMers,
I am elated to report that on Monday, August 20, 2018, The Health Care Blog (THCB) re-posted my S4PM guest blog post titled, “Biomedical Knowledge Must Be Mobilized to Save Lives, Not Privatized in the ‘Last Mile’“. This post on THCB may be found here. THCB also announced this post via Twitter. Within and beyond S4PM, “we the patients” have been unrelentingly demanding our human right to be responsible drivers of our health, guided on our paths forward by the best available timely and actionable knowledge to inform our decisions — especially when “we the patients” have played instrumental roles in generating such knowledge as a byproduct of our collective health experiences.
Having our message shared and amplified by THCB (sometimes referred to as “The New New England Journal of Medicine“) is yet another indicia that our voices are being heard; what we have to say is resonating. The dialogue in which so many of us actively participate reaches well beyond simply preaching to the choir. Together, we have grown the idea of participatory medicine into a movement. Because of our work, our words, our actions, and our collaboration, the powerful force propelling this movement (and all of us) forward has gained momentum and has become an unstoppable force for better health. Thank you!
Joshua C. Rubin, JD, MBA, MPH, MPP


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