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Our blog highlights items of interest to those in the world of e-patients and participatory medicine. Some of our most popular topics include e-patient stories, e-patient resources, problems in healthcare, medical records, news & gossip, patient networks, policy issues, positive patterns, patient/doctor co-care, patients as teachers, reforming healthcare, trends & principles, and why participatory medicine. Our newest blog posts are below. You can also subscribe to our blog via email.

SPM’s team leadership search for 2019

Our Society for Participatory Medicine is growing in membership and in projects and teams. If you're a member, have you considered leading a team? If you're not, have you considered joining? The message below was posted last weekend by co-founder and chairman Dr....

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Pay people for their data – yes, or no?

SPM members Casey Quinlan (yes, yours truly) and Jan Oldenburg were part of a trinity of folks debating the idea of paying people for the data they contribute to the digital economy, in healthcare and in all other sectors. Here's the full version of the conversation...

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Getting Your Doctor to Really See You

Doctors are regularly deluged with advice on how to engage patients. But how can you, as a patient, get your doctor to truly engage with you as a person? Your health and even your life could depend upon it. By “engage,” I don’t mean just the doctor not interrupting...

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Doc Tom Awardees Announced at SPM2018 Conference

On October 17th, the Society enjoyed their 2nd conference in Boston. Filling a larger room than last year, attendees - in person and virtual - enjoyed an impressive lineup of speakers. The passion in the room was palpable. Much more to come on that. A momentous...

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Whither Cochrane, for e-patients and everyone else?

This will be the third, and last, in my short series on attending the Cochrane Colloquium in Edinburgh in September of this year. In the first post, I talked about what that conference was like; in the second, I shared an overview of Cochrane as a global movement to...

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The who, what, when, where, and why of Cochrane

If you've been paying attention, you know that yours truly got the chance to attend the annual Cochrane Colloquium in Edinburgh in September this year, thanks to a travel stipend from SPM, a #PatientsIncluded bursary from Cochrane UK, the hosts of the 2018 Colloquium,...

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