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Our blog highlights items of interest to those in the world of e-patients and participatory medicine. Some of our most popular topics include e-patient stories, e-patient resources, problems in healthcare, medical records, news & gossip, patient networks, policy issues, positive patterns, patient/doctor co-care, patients as teachers, reforming healthcare, trends & principles, and why participatory medicine. Our newest blog posts are below.

Person-Centered #CarePlanning – What data?

Last month, in Communicate What? #CarePlanning, I declared the #CarePlanning hashtag, and told from personal experience the importance of communication in enabling participatory care. I ended with this - my perspective as the person who has the problem and the...

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The S’mores Circle

This time of the year is often filled with reflection and a retrospective review of our lives with a focus on lifestyle changes we hope to attain in the New Year. It’s a time where regrets can be erased by future aspirations. Many of us set resolutions, which I...

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Communicate What? #CarePlanning

I want to share a family story and show how it connects to something we'll all face, where real participatory thinking - and communication - make all the difference. My wife and I built a house together - the whole house, everything except drilling the well. While...

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Thanksgiving Letter to my Doctor

Coming from Romania 15 years ago, Thanksgiving was not a big thing for me. I didn’t quite grasp the holiday. My husband cooked and celebrated, and I helped and observed it in a detached way. 11 years ago, it was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I was 22 weeks...

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