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Our blog highlights items of interest to those in the world of e-patients and participatory medicine. Some of our most popular topics include e-patient stories, e-patient resources, problems in healthcare, medical records, news & gossip, patient networks, policy issues, positive patterns, patient/doctor co-care, patients as teachers, reforming healthcare, trends & principles, and why participatory medicine. Our newest blog posts are below.

From the UK: “Habits of an Improver”

We in the Society for Participatory Medicine are in many stages of awakening to our potential as active participants in the health system. Some have a particular focus on a disease or a technology; many of us come to it through our own experience (good or bad) as a...

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Closing the Gaps in South African Health

Guest post by SPM member Vanessa Carter. See bio at end. In many countries globally, the e-Patient revolution has raised many significant questions about the role of empowered patients in an integrated health system, particularly with expanding access to Information...

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Allie Davanzo: The Power of Art in Medicine

This is a guest blog post by Allie Davanzo. Allie was my student in the New Media and Health Communication class I taught at TCNJ. More about the class is shared in this post.  Allie Davanzo is a sophomore Public Health major at The College of New Jersey who hopes to...

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Precision Prism

I’m the son, Custodian, and Healthcare Proxy of my 89-year-old mother, Alice. I live in a different state. My mother has diabetes and is depressed. Her care team, besides herself and me, includes medical providers in various health settings, community support...

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