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Our blog highlights items of interest to those in the world of e-patients and participatory medicine. Some of our most popular topics include e-patient stories, e-patient resources, problems in healthcare, medical records, news & gossip, patient networks, policy issues, positive patterns, patient/doctor co-care, patients as teachers, reforming healthcare, trends & principles, and why participatory medicine. Our newest blog posts are below.

“Have you seen the stuff Jarche writes?”

The image above is from the blog post described below. SPM board member-at-large Peter Elias MD is a recently retired family physician who says he's always practiced participatory medicine, long before he knew it had a name. He's contributing a terrific amount of his...

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Care Coordination, The Holy Grail of Good Medicine

Appropriate patient care revolves around a team of individuals that includes the patient, a variety of clinicians and other providers, caretakers and patient advocates. The members of this team must collaborate to ensure that the best possible decisions are made on...

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My Mother’s Scrap of Paper

I'm known in social media for my role as @EMRAnswers. Most people don't know the personal and family pain that makes me know how important this is. Here it is. (That's me above, sharing my story at the Walking Gallery meetup at HIMSS in 2015 - more on this in a...

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