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Articles on Why I joined

My Mother’s Scrap of Paper

My Mother’s Scrap of Paper

I’m known in social media for my role as @EMRAnswers. Most people don’t know the personal and family pain that makes me know how important this is. Here it is. (That’s me above, sharing my story at the Walking Gallery meetup at HIMSS in 2015 –...

Why I joined SPM – and why maybe you should!

Guest post by John Hoben, who joined our Society in 2014 and has been a major contributor to discussions on our member listserv. He recently joined our board of directors. He has a particularly great story – he actually met Doc Tom long ago! – and I asked...

Thanks from the Philippines

In this guest blog post, member Beatrice Tiangco describes some of the pain and suffering in the Philippines after the typhoon and expresses her gratitude for the SPM, local community and overall support. Beatrice Tiangco is a practicing Medical Oncologist from the...